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Sweet Osmanthus

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The small, dried golden yellowish Osmanthus flower buds give off a fragrance that can be detected from far away, and has been used for hundreds of years in Chinese cuisine. Chinese Osmanthus is the chief ingredient in Jean Patou’s ‘1000’, the world’s most expensive perfume.

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Product Description

 Sweet Osmanthus 桂花花茶

  • Soothe Lungs & Relieve Cough & Phlegm
  • Improve Digestive System & Appetite
  • Detoxification & Whitening of Skin
  • Relieve Stress & Improve Alertness
  • 润肺,生津止咳,化痰,镇痛,顺气有效
  • 润脾醒胃,增进食欲的作用
  • 排除体内毒素,美白肌肤
  • 舒缓紧张情绪,提神

Sweet Osmanthus is good to relieve coughing & improve digestive system. By blending together with Peppermint, it will create a throat soothing tea for those who are suffering from sore throat and help to sooth the lungs.

For beauty lovers who want to become more beautiful, Sweet Osmanthus tea is never a miss. It can help to purify your skin & help in constipation that caused the accumulation of toxic in your body. The aromatic fragrance also makes one feel refreshing throughout the day.

This flower has recently been gathering a lot of positive feedback due to the natural sweetness & aroma. It is used in creating desserts, cakes and even perfume!


Heap pile of Hi-Tea Sweet Osmanthus Fragrant Flower Tea supplement isolated on white backgroundHi-Tea Sweet Osmanthus Fragrant Flower Tea in the wooden bowl isolated on white background Hi-Tea sweet Osmanthus Fragrant Flower Tea supplement in black wooden scoopHi-Tea sweet osmanthus fragrant flower teaHi-Tea Sweet Osmanthus and goji berry dessert Dim sum dessert of HI-Tea sweet osmanthus and wolfberry coconut jelly, served at a Hong Kong restaurant


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