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Rosemary is important in many slimming, hair care recipe and commonly use as a seasoning for cooking.

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Rosemary 迷迭香

  • Improve Digestive System & Brain Cells Which Lead To Better Memory
  • Good For The Skin, Hair, Liver & Heart
  • Improve Blood Circulation, Lower Cholesterol Level & Prevention Of Obesity
  • Ingredient In Many Slimming & Hair Care Recipes
  • 提神醒脑,促进消化,活化脑细胞,增强记忆力
  • 迷迭香叶对于皮肤,头发,肝脏和心脏有强化的功能
  • 促进血液循环,降低胆固醇,抑制肥胖
  • 减肥和护法配方里不可缺少的重要秘密武器

Rosemary helps to improve digestive system & brain cells which lead to a better memory. It is also good for the skin, hair, liver & heart!

Rosemary is also known to improve blood circulation, lower cholesterol level, hence prevention of obesity. In addition, it is an important ingredient in many slimming & hair care recipe.

Combination with Lemon Grass & Pink Rose Buds,  can create an anti-ageing blending which is extremely rich in Anti-Oxidant. This keeps you young and pretty!

Therefore, this is a must GRAB for all ladies! No excuses to leave this exciting anti-aging tea blending out!

Dry Hi-Tea rosemary in wooden scoop and green twigsDried Hi-Tea rosemary in a glass jar, branches of fresh rosemary, vintage wooden background, selective focus Dry Hi-Tea flower tea dried rosemary on vintage wooden spoon Cup of Hi-Tea flower tea rosemary tea in a tea cup


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