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Roselle is a very high anti-oxidant flower that protects our heart, vessels & protect against cancer. It is used in many beverage as the main ingredient!

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Product Description

Roselle 洛神花茶

  • High Anti-Oxidant & Expel Body Heat
  • Detoxification & Improve Blood Circulation
  • Protect Heart & Prevention Against Cancer
  • Excellent After Meal Drink & Take Away The Oily Feel After Meal
  • Excellent Skincare
  • 洛神花性寒凉,含丰富花青素, 高抗氧化,消暑,清热凉血
  • 具解毒,及益心养气,活络气血,改善毛细血管的韧度
  • 减缓血管硬化,防心血管疾病及抗癌
  • 去除吃油腻食物后的不适感,避免肝火旺盛,青春痘直冒的情况
  • 超级美容饮品

**Those whose digestive system is not strong should avoid over dosage. Due to Roselle’s acidity, please avoid over used daily.


Roselle is a high anti-oxidant flower which will help to strengthen blood vessels, decrease the chances of clogging blood vessel & helps to improve blood circulation.

Therefore, it helps to protect the heart & prevention against cancer. Other than that, this flower also serves as a good after meal drinks which will take away the entire oily feel after meals.

You may wish to try adding Lemon Grass & Pink Rose Buds to create the ultimate Vitamin C special blending. The refreshing taste will get you addicted for more!

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