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Pink Rose Buds

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French Rose Tea is a very good flower tea for female. It does not only helps in beautifying your skin but also helps to relieve menstrual pain. It can aid those can’t pregnant and who wish for breasts lifting & etc. This is definitely a beauty drink everyone should try!

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Product Description

Pink Rose Buds 粉玫瑰花茶

  • Regulate Menstrual Cycle & Relieve Menstrual Related Issues
  • Expel Coldness In Limbs, Tiredness & Improve Blood Circulation
  • Assist Those Who can’t Get Pregnant
  • Reduce Dark Spots; Improve On Skin Texture & Breasts Lifting
  • 女性可解郁调经,减缓经期不适感,和经期有关的问题
  • 消除手脚冰冷,疲劳,低血压等症状
  • 改善不孕症
  • 淡化斑点,改善肌肤问题,和健胸效果

Pink Rose is a beneficial flower for female. It does not only help in beautify the skin but also helps to relieve menstrual pain. This flower tea can assist those who can’t pregnant & who wish for a breasts lifting & etc.

Pink Rose is also being consumed to reduce dark spot, improve on skin texture. Other health benefits include its ability to clear toxic accumulated in your body, prevent digestives problems. This is definitely a beauty drink everybody should try!

In addition, drinking this tea is also another great way to release stress after a tense day at work. You may blend it with Lemon Grass & Rosemary to create the anti-ageing flower tea blend.

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