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Peppermint ‘s refreshing smell & taste has been known to all. It is an important ingredient in different types of consumer products such as hair care, beauty care & even beverage. Add a few pieces of peppermint into a bottle of drink to enjoy the after taste cooling effect!

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Peppermint 薄荷花茶

  • Activate Brain Cells & Improve Blood Circulation
  • Reduce Sore Throat, Headache & Toothache
  • Increase Metabolism & Improve Respiratory System
  • Relieve Anger, Relax, Calm Individual & Improve Sleep Quality
  • 兴奋大脑,促进血液循环,发汗与消炎镇痛
  • 改善感冒发热,咽喉肿痛,消除头痛,牙痛
  • 促进新陈代谢,治疗呼吸道的发言症状
  • 缓紧张愤怒的情绪,提振精神,使身心欢愉,帮助入眠

**Not suitable for pregnant & breast feeding woman. If you’re having coughs with weak lung, please avoid drinking. In addition, peppermint can activate brain cells, therefore it is not advisable to drink at night.


Peppermint can activate brain cells which improve blood circulation. As a tea, it can improve sore throats, headache & toothache. In additional, it is also a good helper for breathing system.

The refreshing smell & taste can also help to relieve anger, relax & calm individual. Therefore, you may consider to add a few pieces to any of your beverages to have the after cooling effect for your enjoyment.

Bowl with Hi-Tea dried peppermint on vintage wooden background 2 Bowl with Hi-Tea dried peppermint on vintage wooden background Cup of fresh Hi-Tea flower tea from the dried leaves of peppermint on a table


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