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Lemon Grass

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Lemon Grass Tea is good for skin; improves blood circulation & digestive system. It is also a good ingredient for slimming lower part of body & remove excessive water in your body.

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Lemon Grass 柠檬草花茶

  • Excellent Skincare
  • Improve Blood Circulation & Digestive System
  • Slimming Lower Part Of Body & Clear Out Excessive Water In Body
  • 助于养颜美容,对于皮肤很有帮助
  • 行气养血,帮助消化
  • 瘦腿,消除下半身水肿,减少多余水分

** When Lemon Grass mixes with Rosemary & Verbana, they are known as “tri-slimming flowers” which is especially good for slimming the lower part of body with no side effect. **

** 当柠檬草与迷迭香及马鞭草结合时,称之为“三草茶”,非常之风靡,专对下半身肥胖而设计的花草茶,无副作用。**

Lemon Grass is good for skin; improve blood circulation & digestive system. It is also a good source for slimming lower part of body & clear out excessive water in our body.

Ever wondered how do you “lock” your age & stay youthful? Fear not! Combination of Lemon Grass, Rosemary & Pink Rose Buds is extremely rich in Anti-Oxidant which keeps you young and pretty! This is a must GRAB for all ladies! No excuses to leave this exciting anti-aging tea series out!

In additional, combination of with Jasmine Flower & Dried Lemon Slice help to improve your digestive system. This special detoxification blending gives you a refreshing taste, leaving you the feel of lightness.

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