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This flower tea is ranked NUMBER 1 in Google search list for herbal tea!!!

Chamomile Tea is full of minerals & so much goodness in one kind! What are you waiting for?

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Product Description

Chamomile 洋甘菊花茶

  • Full Of Minerals
  • Sooth Lungs, Reduce Symptoms Of Flu & Headache
  • Improve Constipation, Breathing Problems & Etc
  • Relieve Stress & Improve Sleep Quality
  • Excellent Skincare & Improve Menstrual Cycle
  • 含钙,镁,铁和多种矿物质
  • 可养生润肺,减缓感冒,偏头痛
  • 缓和长期便秘,支气管炎与腹泻等症状
  • 静心舒眠,消除紧张,抵抗焦虑,帮助睡眠
  • 对女性能抗老化,泽润肌肤,改善经期不适。

**Pregnant woman should avoid drinking, please consult your physician if you wish to consume.


Chamomile is full of minerals & vitamins. It is a great flower that helps to sooth the lungs, minimise the symptoms of flu, headache, breathing problems & etc.

Are you suffering from insomnia or work stress? Drinking a cup of Chamomile tea will release stress & improve on your sleeping quality. Combination with Lavender, these two heavenly matched flowers will further make a powerful relaxation blending. It is especially effective for insomnia & will give you a good night rest.

If you are into beauty & woman’s health, this flower tea is an excellent skincare beverage & helps you to regulate your menstrual cycle.

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