Tea Cultures in 9 Countries

Tea Cultures & Types of Tea

While tea is the second most consumed beverage on Earth after water, in many cultures it is also consumed at elevated social events, such as afternoon tea in Britain. Tea cultures have arisen in different countries known as tea ceremonies, such as the Chinese & Japanese tea ceremonies, each of which employs different traditional techniques.

Tea is also a very favourable beverage for many centuries now. Its health benefits have made it even more & more popular to be explored by health conscious individuals too. Therefore, there are many tea cultures that exist today in this world which involve different types of teas.

The most renowned tea cultures are given below:

  • Japan

It is a part of the food culture here & has a lot of diversity to it. Known as Chanoyu,  this ceremony for tea serves green tea & Japanese sweets to balance the bitterness in tea. Almost every single restaurants in Japan serve green tea as the basic beverage.

Japanese Lady Appreciating Tea Ceremony. Part of Japan Tea Cultures. Learn about 9 different tea culturse in the world with Hi-Tea.

  • Morocco

Moroccan tea is surely a fancy for all as Tourage tea & Moroccan mint tea brings about hospitality through all aspects here. You will be served with hot tea at least once daily.

  • New Zealand

Japanese green tea, Earl Grey & Oolong are all popular here due to the health benefits that these people have known over time. They are known as the tea break, a popular term here.

  • Thailand

Thai tea which is called as Chai Yan is a national tea beverage. The strongly brewed tea mixed with condensed milk make it a popular hit among all age groups. It is a beverage you should not miss & you can commonly find it everywhere in Thailand.

  • USA

Whether it’s cold or warm, tea is the most popular nonalcoholic drink here. You will see green, red or black tea selections in the cafes. Even though coffee is popular here but ice tea & other types are too popular too.

  • Britain

In Britain, people drink tea even before going to bed & can’t live without it even though coffee is also fueled here. It is established since the empire times. Afternoon tea is related to the tea culture in Britain which was introduced in the early 1840s.

  • Russia

Vodka & tea are the two most favourites here. Civil war & industrial soldiers used to get free tea until it became an elite class significance called Zavarka which prepared in pot to be had in many rounds.

  • China

The Chinese dynasty was the first to discover the leaf of tea. There are many types of teas being cultivated in the country. Ranging from red, black, green, herbal, floral, blooming tea & etc. Tea cultures in China are very diversified due to the large groups of different ethnics in the country.

Hi-Tea's tea ceremony of green tea. Tea cultures are popular in many countries. 9 different tea cultures in the world.

  • Argentina

According to people, if there is anything worth trying in this country, it is its meat, wine, and mate. Mate also known as Yerba mate is a national drinking tea that grows on a bush to feel strongest after drinking

Many different types of tea have already been known to you through the different types of  tea cultures among the top ten of the world. You now know that Oolong tea, Green tea, Spiced red & yellow tea, ice tea as well as Moroccan mint tea are among the many types of tea that are drunk all over the world in huge quantities since many centuries till today. They are even a part of the food cultures in many parts of the globe.

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