Flowering Tea

Introduction to Flowering Tea

Nature has beautiful gifts for anyone who cares to get its attention. This ranges from the food you eat, the bath & the sunshine you take, the breezy air you breathe & other health enriching natural gifts like the flowering tea.

The tea culture is matter of great interest from very ancient times. While most people appreciate the authentic flavours of black tea & green tea, it is interesting to know about other varieties of tea like the flowering tea which bestows great health benefits.

As the awareness on healthy diet is on a rise, people are more conscious about the food & beverage they consume every day. It will be both interesting & helpful to know about the little known health facts about this tea variation.

What is Flowering Tea or Blooming Tea?

Close Up of Hi-Tea's Flowering Tea-Blooming Tea on Wooden Spoon and a Cup of TeaFlowering tea is also called the blooming tea is wrapped with dry tea leaves in form of bundles. They are naturally dried real flowers with lot of nutrition value & alluring aroma. It is fascinating to see them brewing in a glass teaware. When you put the wrapped tea into the glass teapot full of boiled water, it will soak in the water & blossom up like a blooming flower.

Trying flowering tea for the first time would give you an unforgettable experience with tea culture. With a flowering tea, you are not limited to just its taste & aroma; you are also treated to its blooming nature, revealing its vibrant colour & gorgeous natural aesthetics visual excitement. Hence, Flowering Tea is crowned as the finest art of tea for this reason.

Also, the tea comes with tantalising, aromatising & romanticising feeling capable of absorbing your stress & takes away your anxiety. Thus, leaving you entirely relaxed, bright & clear-headed in pursuing each day’s activity without cluttered mind or worries.Hi-Tea's Flowering Tea-Blooming Tea in Glass Teapot with Rock Sugar

These blooming tea teas usually contain different types of flowers including Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Honeysuckle, Osmanthus, Globe Amaranth, Rose etc.

Some Parting Words

Have you tasted the flower tea? If not, you can find the best flavours & varieties herein. Click here to check out our Blooming Tea Selections. If you like this post, please share it with your friends on Facebook & keep following our blog for more interesting facts about the flowering tea, tea cultures, teaware & much more.

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