Premium Flower Tea | Blooming Tea | Fruit Tea

At Hi-Tea, we are committed to supply our customers with Flower Tea products in best quality & would also be benefiting to their health. Did you know that drinking tea can enhance your beauty? Tea makes you live longer, look younger & also improve your health?

One cannot resist our aromatic & irresistibly good Flower Tea, Blooming Tea & Fruit Tea. Try it once & you will never forget the flavour lingering in your throat.

We take every opportunity as a step further in educating our customers about the goodness of drinking Flower Teas & the great amount of benefits it has to our health.

Customer satisfaction is something that we will never compromise. Therefore, we will not sell anything below premium grades. All Tea products are in premium quality, most natural form and fresh.

“We started as a tiny ethnic e-commerce Flower Tea, Blooming Tea & Fruit Tea store. Therefore we remain committed to be the leading wholesaler & supplier in Singapore & Malaysia”

Exclusive Tea Packaging

With 2 years of extensive market observation & feedback from loyal customers, we decided to launch this exclusive classic packaging.

A window panel that reveals the types of the Flower Tea, Blooming Tea or Fruit Teas in the package. We do not only want to satisfy your taste buds, but also capture your attention on the beauty of these teas in their most natural forms.

High-tea is typically enjoyed by many consumers in the world & is a symbol to a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, begin your adventure of tea exploration starting with Hi-Tea.

“A Perfect Combination of Waterproof & Food Graded Kraft Material. The Convenient of Re-usable Ziplock & Quality Assured Heat Sealing. Nothing Less to Ensure that You Receive the Most Natural Form.”


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